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Plumbing FAQ:

Is there anything I should do to maintain my septic system?

Yes. You should do something to grow bacteria in your septic system, because that’s what makes it work.

How do I winterize plumbing in areas that are exposed to cold weather?

Depending on what kind of plumbing it is, the most effective way to winterize plumbing is to turn the water off, open the plumbing faucet/valve/etc., and use air to blow the water out of the line. If you don’t use air, then water will likely get stuck in the line, eventually freezing and bursting during the cold weather. That will invalidate all your work.

How long will a water heater last?

This is something that’s definitely variable. It depends on many different factors. For example, water quality and how much the system is used will make a difference on how long it lasts. We typically say that a water heater installed today will last around 8-12 years. That’s very different from a water heater that was installed 25 years ago. Things just don’t last as long as they used to.

How hot should my home’s water be?

We do not recommend hot water to be any hotter than 120 degrees. Anything higher than that temperature could become dangerous for small children or elderly people.

Why do I run out of hot water?

It could be because of your water heater. The first thing we do is look at your water heating needs. Then we look to see if the water heater is working properly and delivering the water that it’s supposed to. If it is, it may just not be sized properly.

What payment options do you offer?

We offer cash payment options, check payment options and we also offer credit card payment options which have a 3.5 % processing fee for all major credit or debit cards.

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